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Cigar Rolling

For cigar lovers, the artistic genius lies in the touch of hands

An artist's genius flows from an intricate web of creative sources, yet one always dominates. It may be a photographer's eye, a painter's vision, a writer's mind, a musician's ear or a dancer's lithe muscles. The genesis of creation, however, is often invisible, the connoisseur experiencing only the culmination of the artist's long years of dedication and effort. A cigar, like many masterpieces, apparently epitomizes simplicity—a bunch of tobacco leaves rolled together to be lit and smoked.

Rolling cigars an age old craft

A Gentle Touch: Hand-Rolling Cigars

A cigar's seemingly simple origin reduces the act of smoking to an almost thoughtless pastime, the smoker maintaining an innocence about the complex combination of artistry and skill that produces it. Yet a cigar is much more than a skilled laborer's mundane assembly of the parts;